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Aqua Plant Studio (APS) your supply and service provider for professional design, aquarium equipment, care and maintenance and much more around the planted aquarium. Let yourself be inspired and immerse yourself in the world of aquatics;It can be difficult for a beginner to know how to incorporate plants into their setup with the amount of conflicting information out there, but a professional aquascaper breaks it down and makes it easy for anyone to start a planted tank.

When most beginners attempt to keep plants, two approaches and outcomes are common. In the first approach, the budding planted aquarium keeper proceeds directly to the local fish store (LFS), purchases a few appealing varieties, and plants them in their current substrate. A few months later, the aquarist is often left with spindly, yellowing, or wilting plants commonly plagued with algae. Replacing these becomes expensive and irritating, and often the hobbyist returns to hardscape items and artificial plants.

The other is the ambitious aquarist who researches planted aquariums online or through other means and is inundated with conflicting advice and complex terminology relating to the requirements of their desired species. The second approach often yields more success, as forum members will recommend hardier plants and easier, low-tech ways to maintain them, but the influx of baffling information can make some wary or hesitant to learn more, preventing their development as an underwater gardener and aquascaper.

Before you start gardening, it is essential to understand your tank’s limits and the effect of its physical and chemical parameters, lighting, and livestock on a given plant species and aquascape.Anyone who has seen a photograph of a lush, verdant setup with a school of jewel-like tetras knows the beauty of a freshwater planted aquarium. But many hobbyists avoid adding live plants, believing they are too fragile or too difficult to keep. On the contrary, most live plants are hardy and require very little maintenance if the proper precautions are taken.

We guide to avoid  some of the most common mistakes through careful planning and a little forethought, you’ll be pleased with your success.

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